Eyelash Extensions in Atlanta Georgia

What are eyelash enhancements made of?
Eyelashes can be made of polyester, rayon or silk. They are shaped to appear and feel like natural lashes.
How do I care for them?
Avoid getting lashes wet for a full 24 hours after your appointment.

Avoid constant heat sources like tanning beds, sauna and steam rooms. Repeated exposure to heat may weaken adhesives.
Avoid tugging/pulling the lashes. Irritating your lashes can cause premature shedding or lash loss.
How do I remove my eye makeup?
  Remove eye makeup with THAY Lashes & Skin gentle lint-free eye makeup
  remover pads or liquid using a micro brush. Avoid using oil-based removers.

Can I wear mascara with lash enhancements?
  Mascara use is not necessary for most clients. Should you desire mascara, use
  the Thay Lashes & Skin specially-formulated mascara, which is designed to
  complement eyelash enhancements and blend natural lashes and extensions
  when faux lashes begin to shed. All waterproof or oil-based mascara must be
  avoided because they contain ingredients that can breakdown eyelash
  adhesives, making them unsuitable for clients wearing eyelash enhancements.
How long will my lashes last?
With proper care:
Temporary lashes last up to one month with biweekly touchups. Combination lashes last up to three months with monthly touchups. Lash extensions last indefinitely with touchups every two to three weeks.
I have allergies. Can I wear lashes?
Thay Lashes & Skin provides several options for clients with sensitivities to latex/rubber. All our lashes are free from animal or human hairs, thus reducing the chance of an allergic reaction to our lashes. Thay Lashes & Skin consults with all its clients to address their medical background before application.
What do I do if some lashes come off?
If you are approaching your touchup appointment, use eyeliner or specialty-formulated mascara to camouflage your natural lashes. Lashes will general shed slowly and evenly to prevent noticeable "gaps" in the lash line.
Can I remove the lash extensions myself?
Remember: Only a professional lash stylist should remove professionally applied lashes.